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Talk Therapy with Terryn

If you feel anxious or combination stressed/depressed, I am here especially for you. You will benefit from enhanced safety, self-understanding, social connection, hobby exploration, creativity, and a true sense of personal success. Services include: Traditional Office Therapy and Telehealth (video sessions).



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Individual Therapy

Discover & Recognize Y-O-U

Feeling like you lost yourself along the way in life, forgot to take care of #1, or got the energy and everything else sucked out of you? Have a mixed up family life with downed communication lines or kids acting out of control? You probably wonder if there is something wrong with you (nope, you're human!) or if there is something that might help you feel better (yes, there is). Individual and/or parent coaching sessions can help! We focus on safety, your values and priorities, and skill building to help you get to your "next level".

Couples Therapy

Validation and Understanding

Couples therapy helps you hear, accept, clarify, understand, and support each other so there's true healing from the past and a path forward for the future. I slow the conversation and teach skills for managing feelings and thoughts. Meaningful and constructive conversations take place here in the office and then, wherever you are.​

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Parent Coaching

You Are Enough

Parents: the guilt and "not good enough" buttons are real and universal! It's not just you. If you feel like you're not a good enough parent for your child or if you've given up trying to change a specific set of behaviors that your child insists on, please call on me. Parent is a loose term here: bio, step, chosen, adoptive, foster, grand, kinship, etc. are welcome. Sometimes parents need help from each other to refresh and lead our families. Together we can build your "can-do it spirit", address the tough stuff, and find your beloved child under the behaviors.


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Please contact me to schedule our first free phone consult or to ask me a question. Please keep in mind, your privacy is important and emails are not confidential.

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It is not what you've done that matters; what matters is what you do after what you've done.

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