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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

CA #96014

TX #204358

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Talk Therapy with Terryn

You feel stuck on anxious or combination stressed/depressed modes. You tried many healthy coping skills and counseling before. You heard about deep breathing and mindfulness. You know how to implement self care routines. You listened to podcasts about how to improve rest and relaxation, communication, and productivity.

Yet, you still feel nervous, worried, triggered, irritable, or numb. 

You hold everything together well enough, but crave a better understanding of what happened to you and how to get unstuck from painful patterns.

In our work together, which can last anywhere from a few sessions to a few months, depending on your readiness and consistency, you will learn about traumatic stress, find genuine validation, build emotional safety, improve self-understanding, deepen quality social connections, explore and reengage with your hobbies, foster creativity, and achieve a true sense of personal success. 

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Individual Therapy

Discover & Recognize Y-O-U

Do you feel like you lost yourself along the way in life, forgot to take care of #1, or got the energy and everything else sucked out of you? Have a mixed up family life with downed communication lines? If you're a parent, are your kids acting out of control? If you're a teen, young adult, or mature adult and any of the above resonates with you, individual  weekly or bi-weekly sessions help! First, I focus on building trust and emotional safety, then identify and build upon your values and priorities, and implement skill coaching to help you tame the drama and find more peace. 

Couples Counseling
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Validation and Understanding

My dream is happier people living healthier lives with their chosen people.

** I am not currently offering this service due to personal divorce proceedings and coparenting struggles. Would love to support you with finding a great couples counselor! Have heard wonderful things about The Relationship Therapy Center. **

Couples therapy is a tool to support this dream and one of the main reasons I chose to be a marriage and family therapist (so I could benefit from participation in specific training on couples counseling!). 

Couples therapy helps you hear, accept, clarify, understand, and support each other so there's true healing from the past and a path forward for the future. I slow the conversation and teach skills for managing feelings and thoughts. Meaningful and constructive conversations take place within our sessions, which I encourage you to implement with increasing confidence in between sessions. Eventually, you will build healthier patterns that work for you as a couple. I look forward to when our work is complete!

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Parent Coaching

You Are Enough

Parents: the guilt and "not good enough" buttons are real and universal! It's not just you. If you feel like you're not a good enough parent for your child or if you've given up trying to change a specific set of behaviors that your child insists on, please call on me. Parent is a loose term here: bio, step, chosen, adoptive, foster, grand, kinship, etc. are welcome. Sometimes parents need help from each other to refresh and lead our families. Together we can build your "can-do it spirit", address the tough stuff, and find your beloved child under the behaviors.

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Please contact me to schedule our first free phone consult or to ask me a question. Please keep in mind, your privacy is important and emails are not confidential.

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It is not what you've done that matters; what matters is what you do after what you've done.

Dan Siegel

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