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I felt that Terryn was exactly the person I needed to help me... I always felt one step closer to being the person I want to be at the end of every session. I have already been supportive of many more people in my life to seek therapy based on my experience...

Client's Comments, 2019


About Terryn

Self-Acceptance and Relationship Expert

A Personal Note:

I tend to run anxious. My blended up childhood family includes divorces, unexpected loss, remarriages, siblings I love, and people being… human. I earned great grades in school, moved into new schools 6 times (once cross country), played sports (volleyball was my favorite), enjoyed summertime outdoors, and felt "off" or "keyed up" inside most of the time. I know what it's like to live a stressed out, messy on the inside, seems all good on the outside kind of life.

Can you relate?


​In college, and in the years since, I learned about complex anxiety (or trauma, stress response, anxiety depression) and the fact that it is a huge burden for so many people. With some help, I hung up my superhero cape, grew into my humanity and built the life I hoped for. [I am married to my best friend, we raise our children together, and I found my calling as a licensed mental health therapist.] In college, at work, and through life, I learned how to help you build your beautiful life, however you envision it. I am grateful that I "get" to do this work each and every day.

My Approach:

*Humanistic* *Empathetic* *Mindful* *Somatic* *Safety First* *Harm Reduction* *Humor*


* Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping, trained in 2019)- quickly address and eliminate sources of anxiety and pain (including traumatic memories, panic, specific phobias, and physical pain) using light acupressure and cognitive behavioral talk therapy interventions.

* Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST, certified in 2017)- suicide first aid for those thinking about suicide, to connect and de-escalate the crisis.

* Seeking Safety (trained in 2016)- harm reduction model for working with both addiction and trauma related issues for adults (or mature teens).

* Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT, trained in 2015 and practiced in group partial hospitalization setting with teens until 2018.)- focuses on reducing destructive behaviors by teaching skills related to regulating emotions, interacting in relationships, tolerating distress, and mindfulness meditation.

* Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT, trained in 2013)- structured help for individuals suffering with stress related to a past trauma or series of traumatic events

* Crisis prevention, support, and safety planning (trained in 2008).

* Mental health assessment (trained in 2004 at work and 2010 in grad school)​


Additional Training

* Assessing and Treating PTSD and Related Problems with Veterans
* Military Cultural Competence
* Certified Trainer: Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families
* Multicultural Competency
* LGBTQIA+ informed care, provided by The Gender Health Center
* Psychopharmacology and Clinical Practice
* Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Spirituality, and Eating Disorders, Carolyn Costin 
* Shame Shields, Dr. Brené Brown
* Play therapy and Parent Child Interactional Therapy (PCIT) coaching
* Functional Family Therapy (FFT) practitioner
* Foster Youth Alliance
* Wraparound Fidelity Index researcher
* Christian Counseling Considerations
* Presenter on topics of: Law & Ethics of Community Based Services, Leadership, Workplace Safety, Teen Dating Violence, &  Criminal Sexual Exploitation of Children,Trauma Informed Residential Youth Counseling


Professional Info

Quality Education and Experience


LMFT #96014

Initially an intern who completed 3,000+ hours of direct face to face mental health services, passed the two exams the first try, and then licensed by the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences as a marriage and family therapist in 2016. Licensed therapists are clinically trained to treat mental health issues.

September 2009 - May 2013

Masters of Science, Counseling

Graduate school at California State University, Sacramento included in person counseling skills training and feedback, as well as supervised experience with children, adults, and groups of students at CK McClatchy High School. Useful and practical education has been priceless in my journey.

September 2001-May 2005

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Undergraduate education at University of California, Davis included a minor in Education, participation in the Honors Program each year, and a deep appreciation for scientific research to back up and continue to refresh my clinical practice.

2012- Present

CAMFT Member

Committed to my colleagues and connected with our core mission to provide ethical and best practices for each person we serve.